My Baby Journey: Sept 08

11 Sept 08 – My regular ANC (fortnightly). My baby is at 34weeks. Weighs about 2.2kg. During he CTG she’s hardly move but her heartbeat is normal. She’s now in cephalic position. Now she moves quite a lot. Kicking here and there. I am so thrilled and counting my days.

15 Sept 08 – I had a kind of pain on my lower abdomen which I do not know how to describe. First time I felt the pain this morning. Can’t move a lot. I was made to understand that is called BRAXTON-HICKS Contractions (False Contractions). It lasts about one hour. Now I am ok.

My wishlist:

1. Stroller – a close relative will give me as a gift

2. Baby Carseat – an agent of one company that related to my pregnancy will give me as a gift

3. Sterilizer – anyone? hehehehehe….

23 Sept 08 – I’m suffering from severe headache for the past 3 days. When I checked my BP (I have a machine at home), confirmed it surged to highest 140/103. This morning it reduced to 137/96. So I called TMC to ask them what should I do if the BP surge again. They ask me to come and see the doctor. When I arrive, the nurse checked my BP which reads 136/98, which is considered high. Then the sonographer do the normal scan. My baby weighs 2.56kg. She’s still in cephalic position and facing towards my right. When the sonographer asked me whether to do 3D (since the view is quite clear), gegirl put both her hands in front of her face. So shy hahahaahh ….. unfortunately I left the picture at home (will be updated once I back home).

Then we met the doctor. Doctor described me as suffering from pre-eclampsia which may lead to stroke and heart attack. He said I need to be hospitalized and closely monitored. So now, I am in a specialist hospital for the next few days. He prescribed some medicine to reduce the BP. At the same time he talked about the possibility of having early delivery (c-sec) should my condition does not improve in the next few days. huhuhuuhhu …..

24 Sept 08 – Doctor Wong came and visit me. He is quite concerned about my BP. Even though seems normalized, but I still got headache. His advised is to get early delivery but still he said let Dr Lee decide.

25 Sept 08 – My 3rd day in hospital. I was made to understand the visiting doctor today will be Dr Lee. So I waited. Around 10am he came in. He said need to discuss with me about the option that I have. He is concerned about my BP reading which is currently impending to pre-eclampsia.  The effect can be fatal. To be precautious, I have to deliver TOMORROW! Surprised! My husband look at me and vice versa. We were not mentally prepared. I said I need to discuss with my hubby first. After give a full consideration, we agreed with tomorrow, of course via c-section..  huhuhuhu ….

Today we also signed-up for Stemtech International stem cell storage. Everything is last minute because the unscheduled delivery.

26 Sept 2008 – D’Day.

My specialbaby was born @12:21pm today. Weighs 2.4kg, and has to be monitored under Special Care Nursery & put in an incubator. We become parents!!! So fast ….

Since I deliver through a c-sec, I could not hold her until 27/9/08. So sweet. I tried to give her my milk but she’s so small & still learning hhihihihi …

26 Sept 08 – Next ANC, Dr will do the blood flow test as well. (cancelled).


4 Aug 08 – My regular ANC with Dr Colin. This time I went with my laling. Now our baby is in her 30 weeks. I planned to do a 3D scan today however the sonographer was on leave. The normal 2D scan was done by Dr Azilah (I think she’s new). Nevertheless, Dr Colin had asked Dr Surinder to do the 3D scan for me but my gegirl was so shy. One of he leg folded on the tummy towards her face and the other one cross towards the left. Her hands folded with fists on her shoulder side. She showed her foot all the time right in front of her face. Like doing a gimnastic kind of act. It’s ok, Dr will do another 3D scan during next visit which is scheduled on 18 August 08. From now on the check-up will be on 2 weeks interval.

Basically my baby today weighs 1384 gram with heartbeat recorded at 136bpm. Her position is breech but according to the doctor, not to worry much at this stage. Study shows 19 out of 20 babies in breech position will turn themselves during 8th month of pregnancy. My weigh also increased by 2kg 🙂

13 Aug 08 – I just want to share piece by piece what I have bought for my gegirl. These are the disposable diapers:

1 box of mamypoko 52 (NB) + 48 (S), 1 pack of Huggies Ultra 44pcs (S), 2 packs of Huggies Ultra 4 pcs (S).

psssttt: we bought the chest drawer from IKEA. That’s my gegirl 1st closet hehehe …. kindly ignore the basket at the back. Full of gegirl’s shirts & nappies, to be washed this weekend. 🙂

15 Aug 08 – Some other things that we have bought:

17 Aug 08 – this is my gegirl’s babycot …. hihiihiihi ….. my laling just assembled it yesterday


18 Aug 08 – Updates: Our 31 weeks ANC. We did a 3D scan again but my gegirl doesn’t want to reveal her face! She is in a FRANK / EXTENDED BREECH position (like a somersault). Dr give us few weeks to see whether she can turn herself or not. Otherwise we have to go thru the c-sec. My baby 1st 3D image printout:

pssst: not that clear, since I took the photo using cameraphone and her left hand folding next to her left ear, covering her left side of the head. Her feet located exactly on top of her forehead. I can see little bit of her nose & lips! “SMILE”.

BTW, this morning I told my doctor that baby is hardly move. Maybe she sleeps a lot. So doctor advise me to do the CTG (cardiotocography) to see the baby heartbeats, movement, contractions and detect any problem with the heart. They are all recorded in graph/ chart form. It last about 20 minutes. During the procedure, my gegirl move quite frequent. Maybe the sounds of the machine that is very loud wakes her up hihiihi …

19 Aug 08 – Our 1st Ante-Natal Class ….. excited! The 1st class focus on BONDING with the babies from inside the tummy until they come out to the world. It was presented by Sister Choong of Baby Wellness Services. The moment Sister Choong starts talking, my gegirl start moving until Sister Choong stops talking. She’s must be listening & excited too! hihihi ….. Dinner is provided, Nasi Goreng ehheheh … Then we got goodies from Mamilgold.

26 Aug 08 – Our 2nd Ante-Natal Class …. We arrived a little bit late due to traffic jam. The speakers already started and talking about stem-cell. Yes, we are going to save my gegirl stem-cell upon delivery. Mummy and daddy were so hungry that we took the food provided and at the listening to the speaker. After that, we continue we ante-natal exercise. The instructor was Ms Vimala. She taught us the correct breathing technique in various situations, including during contraction and rest. The exercise also will help us during our contraction pain. Also got goodies from Huggies & Kotex. Another set of Huggies Ultra pampers for my gegirl and kotex for me! hihihi ….

27 Aug 08 – We went to our regular ANC. Do CTG as before. My gegirl was sleeping :). Not so much movement recorded at the beginning. Later, the nurse wakes her up hehehe then I could feel the movement.  After that, the Sonographer scanned me. Remember last week, my gegirl is still in a frank breech position? From that day I keep talking to her to move around so that her head goes down, in a chepalic position and mummy doesn’t have to go through c-sec.  Today she has move her heads down and legs at the top. I am so happy, very good girl!

In the afternoon we went for another 3D scan, I can see part of her face. Still covering her left cheek with both hands. But we able to see her movement, SMILES, nose, eyes, etc …. we are so proud!

She’s sleeping comfortly……

Smiling to mummy & daddy!

Open her eyes …. chakkkk mummy & daddy!

28 Aug 08 – Today we went shopping for some items that have yet to be bought. Among other things:

7 July 08 – My gegirl is now 25 weeks. So fast! Today I went for my regular ANC with Dr Surinder (since Dr Colin was not around). The sonographer scanned my tummy and continue the detail FA Scan for Heart. Everything is normal. Heartbeat 146/min. Gegirl weighs 814 gram. Only mami reduced weight by 300gram heheheh …. Today the baby position is quite good, I can see the head, body and legs folding towards the abdomen:

This is partially of the report for FA scan:

See the Genitalia? FEMALE! hehehehe …. gegirlllllllll …..

19 July 2008 – My laling reach KLIA …. (he will back for good!).

4 August 2008 – Next ANC

June 2008 – Time really flies. I’ve reached half way trough. My baby is fine. Me too. No problems arised during last 2 months. I am very happy furthermore my hubby was around about a month. We do things together and he helped me a lot. We already bought few things for our baby. At first we donno where to start but the moment we start, we seems couldn’t stop buying hehehe … these are the pix:

We love you too baby!!!

Baby suits …. so many? not really … I donno the gender yet so we ended up with white, yellow, green and brown suits …. there’s one jumper in blue.

Another sets. I just love the olive green colour. The blanket, shirt, booties, mittens and bip from Poney. Towel (Anakku), Baby bag – baby kiko.

Accessories – self-explanatory. I like the POOH comb!

9 June 2008 – ANC with Dr Colin. Tomorrow gonna be a very detailed scan, to see the overall structure of the baby. It may take more than an hour. UPDATES: IT’S A BABY GIRL!

The baby is fine, so as the mummy. We are so excited! My EDD is expected on 21/10/2008. Baby weighs 384g, 21W2D. Very active baby ….. 🙂

21/06/2008 – Since I last known my baby is a GIRL, I made an effort to find pink color clothes hihihih …. so excited. I just cant help myself. At last I got this (enough to satisfy my excitement at the moment, the remaining I think I will wait for my laling to return from overseas next month):

A jacket & gown from Disneyland, the bottom sets I bought from Parkson Baby Fair. Girls shirt must have ruffles! hehehehe …..

25/6/2008 – Mummy feels like eating abc, lasagnia, mushroom soup and chicken wing …. ta daa….



26/6/2008Window shopping. I saw this carseat. The price is so good (on sale). Should I get it now or not? I am still thinking! hehehe … need to show to hubby first before buying.

Mommy also bought 2 pairs of leggings for gegirl, aren’t they cute?

07/07/2008 – Next ANC

Hi all,

It has been a month I haven’t updated this blog. I am extremely busy. But my baby is fine. Now I start to feel he tickles my tummy. My last ANC was on 14 May 2008. The baby at first seems asleep but after being idsturbed by the sonographer, he strecthed the legs and body…. so cute! My husband and I were so excited to know the gender, however the baby was so shy. Keep on playing and crossing his legs… hihihi …

This is the Image of last scan week 17. The sonographer could not get the best shot since the baby not cooperative enough (she said) heheheh. From here we can see clearly the head and body and the baby is sucking his finger with a placenta on top.

09/06/2008 – Next ANC


Now I have only one baby. With my laling around, I am extremely busy. Almost everyday we went out. Shopping, dining etc. My laling will return to his project next week.

4/4/2008 – We went to see Dr Colin for my regular ANC. The sonographer scanned my abdomen. This is the first time my hubby joined my seeing the doctor since my ET. We can see the baby is big! Complete figure with 2 legs, 2 hands, the fingers are so tiny …. hiihihihi we’re so excited! So cute too. The sonographer measured the liquid behind the neck. She said the purpose is to see whether there’s a risk of down syndrome or not. If it is more than 3mm, there’s is a high chance to get a down symdrome baby and if less than that it should a normal baby. My baby’s measure is 0.9mm. My baby was so active. He/she keep on playing and dancing. The sonographer also has difficulties to lock the appropriate image since the baby is keep on moving and tossing left, right. We can see the tiny fingers are placed in front of its face, looks like sucking, then show the butt to us hihihii ….. veryyyyyyy active, like the sonographer said.

My baby at week 12. Lying with hands in front of his face. Size about 6cm.


23/04/2008 – ANC with Dr Colin. Today I arrived at TMC around 8.20am and still got one carpark empty infront of TMC. As usual, the nurse will check my BP, urine and weight. My weight doesn’t increase that much. Since ET, my weight just add up another 800gram. huhuhuhu …. maybe I don’t have the appetite to eat especially rice. In other words I imagine my actual weight is actually reducing (???) hihihi. They also took my blood for 2 tests. The result will come out a week later.

The sonographer then scan my abdomen. I can see my baby is getting bigger. The size is now 8.22cm, the age is 14weeks+2days, the baby weighs 103gram and heartbeat 154/minute. The image today is not that clear as the baby is lying with his back towards the scanner so all I can see is his head, back and the backbone. He doesn’t move a lot which I believe he is in a deep sleep hehehe… At times I can see his legs with the thigh bone so visible and hands moving a bit.

Today Dr Colin prescribed me with normal supplements like obimin, dha, calcium plus ternomin for my BP and MMT for my heartburn. I have difficulty to sleep nowadays due to heartburn problem. Even though my BP is normal today, I need to take ternomin in order to get my BP under control like now.

After that I went back to office to continue my work after 2-day off. With hundreds of emails to clear out, I receive a surprise this morning from my laling ….. tadaaaaaa:

p/s the bouqet is for me, the teddy bear is for our baby hihiihihih ….

Thank you laling … I missed you so much too! Baby missed you too!

10/05/2008 – My laling reach KLIA yeyeyeye …

14/05/2008 – Next ANC (i can go with my lalinggg yeyeye….)


1/3/2008  – Notice the plural word in the title? Now we are in our 8-week.

Today I eat YOGHURT for the first time. I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat cheese or yoghurt or milk related products. I DON’T LIKE YOGHURT. But I know I need the calcium for me & my babies. What I did is put it in my mouth and swallow. No feeling at all heheheh ….. for the babies’ sake….

05/03/2007 – I am suffering acute sinusitis. For the past few days I had green phlegm with bloods combined with blocked nose. Normally my doctor will prescribed antiobiotic but not now. So I went to SJMC to see my ENT specialist. He prescribed me a nasal spray and antibiotics (not advise to take if it is not necessary). Tonite I vomitted twice but I think that’s not due to the morning sickness. I just feel something tickled my throat and then I purged. huhuuhuhu …..

07/03/2008 – Today is my 2nd ANC. Dr did an abdominal scan and showed me the heartbeats. I can see in brief something is blinking in both sacs. The doctor said they were good. So I didn’t ask more questions. I can see their images ….. looks bigger than earlier. huhhuhuhu very excited. I believe if it is VS, maybe the image is clearer. After the image is locked, the Dr typed the word BABIES (yeyeyeyyeye). You can see in the image below:


11/03/2008 – Last 2 nights I had a very bad cough. VERY BAD. I urinates and vomitted while coughing. So I went to TMC to consult with my doctor or change my medicine. I met Dr Surinder since my Principal is not around. Dr Surinder scanned me (abdominal scan). Firstly he said my babies are healthy. Then he tried to trace their heartbeats. 1st baby, I could hear his/her heartbeats very clear and fast with the graph surged up and down. dug dug dug dug dug ….. then Dr scanned the 2nd baby….. he said he can’t see the heartbeat. He tried to trace using the sound, still there were none. Then he did VS, still there’s none….. at that point tears started filling my eyes. I can see their images clearly, I saw their round heads, their bodies, legs…… the doctor said their sizes are also different. The 1st baby sized 8w5d, the 2nd baby 7w5d, means the 2nd one is smaller and looks like stop growing. huhuhuhuuuuhuhuuu … uwwaaaaa….. Then Dr Surinder consulted me, I think quite long …. he said, for the benefit of the doubt, I need to come again next week and see the babies  growth again. I was so sad….. I told him I wondered why is this happened? He said twin pregnancy is considered very high risk. The 6th week until 13th week is the critical period which babies are normally miscarriaged. Then he continued check my cough problem. He said my throat is very bad (which tickled and makes me cough), and the best thing is I need to consult my ENT Specialist. I was crying on the way back while driving my car all the way from Damansara to my home. At the same time, I don’t want to think about it. I believe there is still a hope to have my twin. I want both babies so muchhhhhhh …….. I keep on talking to my babies, be strong like mami and please hold to mami…..

12/03/2008 – I woke up this morning with surprise! I had rashes around my mouth. They are tiny white spots scattered around my lower face and nose. I don’t know why is this happened. I went to see my GP, he said this is allergy. So he advised me to stop some medicine. At night I feel itchy and inflame around that area. huhuhuhu …. one after the other. I am so afraid thinking of what’s next…. must it be this difficult?

13/03/2008 – I’m on MC due to my allergy rashes. My GP gave me new cream today and it seems work. The rashes subside and become dry. But still I don’t feel comfortable. My cough also completely healed after I took a new cough syrup that my ENT Specialist prescribed me – PROSPAN Cough Syrup with Dried Ivy Leaf Extract as its active ingredients. It is not drowsy, no drugs, no colorings, no alcohol etc …. I really appreciate this syrup. I’ve been taking other kind of cough syrup for the past one week but it didn’t work. PROSPAN Cough Syrup work well with my problem and it is the best so far. I had taken the dose 2 times and my cough is gone! I believe it tackles the root cause of my problem. Like my GP said, cough is just a symptom. We need to tackle the root cause.

17/03/2008 – I mentioned earlier that I dont want to think about losing a twin. But I just cant help myself….. out of curiosity, over the weekend I did some research and found few interesting articles about this issue. Seems it is a common problem. The statistic shows 1 in 5 pregnancies will have this problem. So whatever the outcome tomorrow, I will receive it with open heart and open hands. I have discussed this my hubby. Whatever happened/ going to happen is already written. We can pray but HE knows best. HE always give the best to us. Hubby told me that maybe my body was not designed to carry more than one baby, so that not to give further complications to me. Maybe it’s true.

You may refer to these two articles about the “VANISHING TWIN” Syndrome, which I might be facing at the moment.


http://www.babycentre.co.uk/preg … bryosonebabyexpert/

My understanding is that, because the technology nowadays is so well advanced, we can see the 2-3 sacs as early as 5 weeks of pregnancy. Not necessariliy all will survive. If our scan is at week 12, maybe we also do not notice the other sacs that already vanished. So whatever it is, week 12 onwards is the best time to confirm the multiple pregnancies. It is best for our emotion not to overjoy with the initial news. According to my doctor, there might be some abnormalities to the fetus which my body had identified and naturally reject it. He said nobody can explain what actually happened. So I am more open now. …… tapi tak tau la esok lepas scan camana huhuhuhu ….. I still hope for the best. tipu la kalau tak sedih/ risau langsung kan …. but writing here, makes me feel comfortable and ease.

18/03/2008 – My ANC with Dr Surinder. I went to see him around 4.30pm. I was ready for any outcome. I think I am. Dr Surinder is very good. He makes me feel comfortable. We just talk and talk and talk. He showed me every detail of my babies. The size, the age, the heartbeat, the heartbeat rate, the picture, he even recorded the baby’s movement (so cute!) and to be burnt into a CD, so that later I can upload the video here, in this blog. I was really impressed and satisfied. It is CONFIRMED, I LOST one twin. The other baby (Twin 2, as per pic below) is stop growing. You can see the different in their sizes. Even the sac size also different. At the same time, Twin 1 was very active. I believe he/she tried to give his/her best pose to ME (“grin”). I saw he/she tosing left and right, jumping here and there….. I felt so good even though knowing that I lost the other one. But it is ok. God’s will. HE always give the best to us. After I did some research and based on the doctor’s advise, I’m completely ok now. I left TMC with a little bit confused. Kind of “lost” feeling. But while driving I tried to get back my strength and stabilized my emotion.  It was just after dinner tonite, I cried about 2 minutes.  Of course I feel sad. But come to think of it, I am going to take it positively. I have one baby to take care to from now on. That’s most important. So for the memory, here is the pix of my “TWIN”:


Oh yes, my BP surged again. it is 100/140. My doctor is concerned about it. He prescribed me with ternomin again, but with lower dose.

22/03/2008 – My laling reach KLIA. yeyeyeye …..

04/04/2008 – Next ANC with Dr Colin